An Ohio native, LISA BIALES (pronounced Be-Alice) grew up in a musical family and started performing at the age of thirteen. Singing from the heart, and writing playful music about the simple things in life, she weaves a down-home blues vernacular with finger style acoustic guitar to create songs that feel like they’ve been around forever.
As a member of the long-time folk duo Prairie Orchid, with Sarah Goslee Reed, Biales played over 100 shows a year as an artist-in-schools educational performer.
Dubbed the ““Belle of the Blues”” for her crystal clear voice and charming stage presence, Biales has released eight albums to date, with her latest, THE BEAT OF MY HEART, dropping in February. It was 70 years in the making…

A few years ago Lisa Biales found a 78rpm recording of “Crying Over You,” a song that her mom wrote and recorded in 1947. “Alberta Roberts 02-20-47” was hand written on the record. “Hearing my mother’s voice after all these years brought a chill to the bone. I realized that I had to put her song on this project.” On Lisa’s new album, THE BEAT OF MY HEART, Lisa’s mother’s voice from that old record is heard on the first verse of the song, then Lisa takes over, breathing new life into what her mother recorded a lifetime ago.

Seventy years later, to the day, on 02-20-17, Lilisa-biales-beat-of-my-heart-cdsa’s new album was released to rave reviews. On this, her 9th album, Lisa honors her mother, and delivers a powerful set of unforgettable songs. Read the reviews below!
Order the new album here.
And watch “Romance in the Dark,” from the new album, here.

Released in March 2014, BELLE OF THE BLUES, produced by EG Kight and Paul Hornsby, was nominated for a Blues Blast award for “Acoustic Album of the Year.”

JUST LIKE HONEY, her 2012 release, also produced by EG Kight and Paul Hornsby, landed on the Blues, Americana, and Roots charts at #2, #14, and #13 respectively. It also made the Roots Music Report’s top 100 Blues albums of the Year.

Her song “Playing With Angels”, about the healing benefits of a canine companion, went to #1 in 2008 on the Australian Indie Radio Chart. Another original song was featured in the popular TV show “”Girlfriends”” on the CW Network, and her CLOSET HIPPIE album” received extensive airplay on Sirius XM’’s The Coffee House.
In 2010 Francis Ford Coppola cast Biales in his film, TWIXT, which was released in Europe to rave reviews. Biales also portrayed the beloved Patsy Cline in the two-woman play “Always, Patsy Cline” to a week of sold-out shows.
Biales lives with her husband Marc on 62 acres in Southwest Ohio, and has two grown sons. When she’s not performing, she enjoys gardening, raising chickens, and taking walks with her dog Zelda.

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“…it finds Biales fronting larger ensembles and the best musicians she’s ever gathered for a session. She renders the wide ranging material so effortlessly that it masks the care that undoubtedly went into it. The emotional span of the material from ballads to foot stompers across jazz, pop, blues, and gospel shows us that Biales is one of today’s better and most versatile vocalists.”
– Elmore Magazine

“…has proven to [be a] real fine interpreter of blues and roots with her honeyed voice and natural, unforced delivery. She enchants here and, with superb backing, has produced another gem.”
– Jazz & Blues Report

“Over the course of my journey into blues I have heard just about everything.  This is every bit as good as anything I have heard…bar none.  Powerful, passionate and poignant, The Beat of My Heart is one of those albums that goes beyond what is normally presented as blues.  This one is exceptional.”
– Reflections in Blue

“Serving up a set of solid show room blues, this set takes flight and never stops to refuel. A winner throughout.”
– Midwest Record

“Lisa Biales has again a gem of an album. Her flawless voice is easily guided by the musical diversity… Great release!!”
– Keys and Chords

“Lisa Biales released a joyful, stirring new blues album . . . she nails the good-time spirit of the blues, propelled by groovin’ horns and gospel choruses.”
– Chameleon on Fire

“When this ‘The Beat Of My Heart’ is the marker for this year we’re in for a swinging and groovin’ 2017”

“Lisa delivers her strongest performance ever as a singer.”
– Rootstime

“one of the strongest performers in contemporary blues… What a great instrument her voice is, subtle and powerful and so expressive…”
– Making a Scene

“a strong, independent woman with a voice to match.  She can handle any material, and sets the bar high…”
– Don and Sheryl’s Blues Blog

“An extraordinary voice that just drips the blues like honey off the comb! …captures the old music in a way that will never die. Beautiful, fun, entertaining…”
– Smoky Mountain Blues Society

“She fools you with her singing because it sounds so easy – but when it sounds easy, you’re in the hands of a hell of a singer. Her voice is warm and supple; her phrasing is impeccable. First-class musicians making first-class music.”
– Blues Matters, UK

“…a style, conviction and authenticity that most singers can only dream of.”
– Mick Rainsford, Blues in Britain

“…a vocal showcase that commands your attention from beginning to end.”
– West Michigan Blues Society

“Like Muldaur, Biales is equally at home with jazz and the blues…”
– Professor Johnny P.

“…one of the most brilliant interpreters of the contemporary blues”
– Catfish Blues, Italy

“…a record that displays many layers of what the blues and jazz is… fully rewards the artist’s vocal agility and class.”
– Bluebird Reviews

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Blues Blast magazine Feature Interview March 12, 2015

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Romance in the Dark –
Buzzie –
Where the Buckwheat Blooms –
Angel from Mongtomery –
At Last –
Peaches –
I Only Have Eyes For You –
Trouble –

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Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour

Pick up Lisa’s first two songs and interview at the 7:06 mark – “Graveyard Dead Blues” and “Sad, Sad Sunday”
And at the 34:30 mark, hear “Through the Eyes of a Child,” more interview, and “Trouble”

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– “Belle of the Blues” album nominated for a 2014 Blues Blast Award for Acoustic Album of the Year
– “Just Like Honey,” her 2012 release landed on the Blues, Americana, and Roots charts at #2, #14, and #13 respectively
– “Just Like Honey” also made the Roots Music Report’s top 100 Blues albums of the Year
– “Playing With Angels” song went to #1 on the Australian Indie Radio Chart
– “I Believe” song was featured in “Girlfriends” on the CW Network
– “Closet Hippie” album received extensive airplay on Sirius XM’s The Coffee House
– Was cast in Francis Ford Coppola’s film, TWIXT, released in Europe
– Portrayed Patsy Cline in the two-woman play “Always, Patsy Cline” to a week of sold-out shows

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